This portal aims to bring together RE Generators and help them understand the concept of RECs globally, assist them to keep up with changes in REC regulations.

The platform is not an exchange to trade any renewable energy commodity, but a platform to exchange, information, know how and developments in renewable energy sector and the tradable commodity attached to renewable energy in many parts of the world.

About the Platform

RE Generators & REC Sellers: The portal provides an opportunity to RE generators, to showcase their projects to the world and make their projects accessible globally to various stakeholders.

REC Buyers: The portal also provides for a platform for parties interested to purchase the RECs, a sneak peek into the RE Projects, the benefits attached to it and environmental benefits they provide over conventional energy sources.

Partners: If you are a service provider, manufacturer, policy maker, financial institution or an individual keen on Renewable Energy’s growth, development or are interested in getting involved for making profits, register as a Partner on the portal.